The biggest consistency of my work is my inconsistency. I do not always adhere to one genre, medium, style, or emotional tone. I like to dip my toes into everything from film, to photography, to music, to fine arts. As an artist, I pride myself in versatility, experimentation, and quality.

Documentary work is what I enjoy doing the most. It gives my art the opportunity to make a difference in the world. When I remove myself from the topic of focus, the end product will be more genuine without exploiting my subjects. It encourages me to break out of my comfort zone while allowing room for experimental procedures.

My fictional work can range from unsettling and nightmarish to gut-busting humor. This sense of humor is often cited as “odd” and “quirky”. I tend to use expressive camera angles, which is what allows all of these contradicting tones to harmonize. Contrast is a defining characteristic of my films and my entire body of work. Each project offsets the last one, so that I am always reinventing myself.